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All Wines Viognier-based blend Cabalié Blanc 2020
Cabalié Blanc

Cabalié Blanc  2020

Two Golds for this white from a popular name...

White - Dry
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Cabalié Blanc
Wine file
White - Dry
12.0% ABV
0.0 Units
750.0 ML
31 December, 2022
Gold Medal, Gilbert & Gaillard International Competition, 2021 Gold Medal, Anivin de France, 2021 Silver Medal, Lyon International Competition, 2021
Wine Summary
Cabalié’s popularity is down to a rare combination of imposing richness and easy drinking smoothness. Recreating that in white was no easy task. But Cabalié maestro Hervé Sabardeil has done it – years of searching, blending and hard work come to fruition in this, his ultimate expression of a southern French white. The magical grape mix is Viognier for honeysuckle aroma and soft texture, Muscat for dazzlingly aromatic grapey notes, and Colombard to keep it all crisp and zesty. And of course the other key ingredients are bright southern French sunshine, which ripens the grapes to perfection, and the Mediterranean breezes that keep them fresh and healthy. Bursting with tropical fruit, Cabalié is perfect with fresh seafood or grilled chicken.