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All Wines Pinot Grigio Farinelli Pinot Grigio 2019
Farinelli Pinot Grigio

Farinelli Pinot Grigio  2019

Delicious, ripe orchard fruit notes in this fresh Pinot Grigio from Italy’s coastal Abruzzo region

White - Dry
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Beyond the Label
Farinelli Pinot Grigio
Wine file
White - Dry
13.0% ABV
9.75 Units
750.0 ML
31 December, 2022
Silver Medal, International Wine Challenge, 2020 93pts Points, International Wine Challenge, 2020 Silver Medal, Drinks Business Global Pinot Grigio Masters, 2020
Wine Summary
Stretching along Italy’s Adriatic coast, the Abruzzo boasts pretty coastal coves and dramatic landscapes of soaring mountain peaks, deep valleys and ancient castles. The region also offers a range of deliciously accessible wines – the creamy, plum filled Montepulciano based reds, citrusy Trebbianos and, most recently, fruity Pinot Grigios. This Pinot Grigio is a new addition to our Farinelli range. The estate proudly champions a traditional trellising system, ‘pergola abruzzese’, which ensures the grapes receive excellent exposure to the bright sunshine and so gain full ripeness. So, enjoy here a lovely balance of ripe peach and red apple fruit with citrusy zip. It makes an ideal apéritif and goes well with lemon chicken and creamy pasta.