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Gewürztraminer is one of the hardest wine grapes to spell, but one of the easiest to recognize when you've got a glass of it in front of you.

Its traditional home is Alsace, where it makes thick, mouthfilling wines that have beautifully distinctive aromas of rose petal and lychee. Alsace Gewürz is particularly good with the local cheeses, as well as smoked salmon. It is also used to produce dessert wines.

However, many New World countries make superb wines with the grape. In countries such as Chile and New Zealand, a drier style of Gewürz tends to prevail, which has greater acidity and is less 'full on' than its European counterparts.

  • Signature Style

    Intensely perfumed, viscous and full-bodied with distinctive lychee flavors

  • Wines to Try

    Trimbach, Domaine Mersiol Cuvée Granite, Gran Valle di Niebla, Seifried Estate

  • Principal Regions

    Alsace, Germany, Alto Adige, Eden Valley

  • Synonyms

    Blanc Brun, Clevner, Gentil Rose Aromatique, Traminer Musque

    Did you know?

  • The name 'Gewürz' literally means 'spicy' or 'perfumed.'
  • Gewürztraminer is pronounced "gur-vertz-tra-meaner."
  • Many Gewürztraminers have a deep, golden color, often with a pinkish tinge. This is because the grape, unlike most white varieties, actually has a rosy-pink skin.
  • Its delicious perfumed flavors make an ideal partner to Asian cuisine - resist the temptation to go for beer and try one with your next curry.

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